"I'm not a rock star, just a songwriter" (Keith Emerson)

Sailing towards those galactic, epic and mythological oceans so lavish, sometimes baroque and even schizophrenic of a style of music that exploded in the rock of the early 70s and soon vanished, Jaume Vilaseca Trio admits having found a treasure.

A well-known treasure, but not so much. A music and a repertoire, too tied to a context, but that can be interpreted with the naturalness of an experienced jazz trio and become a renewed set list that excites the fan in love with such diamonds, how to surprise to the young person or the one who has never approached these parts.
The compositions, especially those of Emerson, to whom this tribute is very specially dedicated, shine in their most jazzy turn, with beautiful passages and sound spaces that are a gift for improvisation. Without forgetting some sound experiments in the form of fugue, the surprising protagonism of percussion, or some eternal melodies of the poet Lake.

The trio, after a long and fruitful immersion in the jewels of The Corona of Genesis Gabriel age , (3 volumes of the JAZZNESIS project) recover the iconic sounds of Emerson Lake & Palmer, piano, voice, hammond organ, mini moog without the need to travel to nostalgia or virtuosity, but by using their form of intercommunication, to delve into the variety of atmospheres, rhythmic leaps and all kinds of textures, colors and even iconic moments of the British band.
Fast-paced pieces such as Tarkus, Trilogy or Karn Evil9, From the beginning ... flow in a new direction, suggestive, explosive and at the same time covered with serenity, good taste and Avant-Garde jazz of the 21st century.

JAUME VILASECA, piano, voice, keyboards, minimoog
DICK THEM, electric bass, vocals
RAMÓN DÍAZ, drums, percussion, voice